Thoughts from Room 1507

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I'm here in Seattle, making like Hemingway, holed up on the 15th floor, and I need a break from working on the book, so here are a few thoughts. 

1.  Seattle is my favorite city.  Has been since I first visited in 2010.  I don't even particularly like cities, or even large towns, they make me nervous and don't have enough nature, but this place. Oh this place.  Walking through it's streets feels like home. Calm, but exciting. 


2. My travel coffee mug from Zeitgeist, is from that trip and I will cry when it finally implodes. It's cracked, the bottom comes off, it's been superglued 48 times.  I still love it. 

3. Going on a trip by myself was always one of my all-time favorite things, but as I settle into marriage, leaving JT and the neighbor's cat (that thinks he's ours) to jaunt off is becoming harder...

4. ...but I still think it's necessary.  Going on solo adventures is a must. When you're free from having to compromise with someone else's idea of a good time, and free from caring for another, I feel it allows you to see what makes your soul come alive, fosters a healthy dose of "missing you" and brings some new tales to the dinner table once you return home. Some may call that selfish, but I disagree. 

5. Despite my best efforts to hunker down and just write, I've been having a blast reconnecting with old friends.  

Jess and Kat


6. That one of those friends was a flight attendant and I got to have one last "out with the crew" experience with her and the FO before Virgin America ceases to exist was a definite, unexpected bonus. 

7. Call sign Redwood will no longer used as of January 11th.  Tearing up as I write that.

8. I will always choose a swank hotel over an Airbnb if they are the same price range. I could live in a hotel.  The small, neat, simple, orderly room = heaven. 

9.. Writing a book is hard work and I am prone to procrastination.  I have eaten most of the items in the mini bar and taken copious amounts of selfies.  

10. I am always fond of how I look in bathroom mirrors.  Bathroom lighting is just so flattering.  Am I alone in this?