Citrus and Happiness.

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It may not be scientifically proven, but I think citrus is good for the soul.  

Your homework this week is to find a willing neighbor* that will let you pick a few oranges or lemons off their tree.  

Put a few in a bowl on your countertop.

Have an orange with breakfast.  

Squeeze some fresh lemon in your tea or on a salad.  

Place a bowl of them on the kitchen counter.


Nothing seems to lift my spirits like looking at a happy bowl of goodness. Just look at this bowl of lemons and oranges.  Picked right off the tree.  I dare you not to smile. 


Simple Tonic

1 cup warm water

Juice of one fresh lemon

Dash of sugar if the tang is too much for you

Mix together and add a few ice cubes


Tangy Tea

1 cup of chamomile tea

1 shot of Makers Mark Whiskey

Juice of one fresh lemon

1 teaspoon of local honey

Let the tea steep for 3 minutes, then add the rest of the ingredients and stir.  A cure for what ails ya'!

*Make sure they are willing!  In California, the picking of others' fruit and vegetables can be considered grand theft depending on the amount taken.  Fruit trees on public land are fair game.

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