Digital Downsizing: Part 3 - Rings and Dings

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And a few vibrations too.  

Does anyone else's phone, iPad and computer make a continuous cacophony of dings, rings, and buzzes?  

Does anyone else spend the day distracted and "putting out fires" by jumping from one ding and buzz to the next?

Speaking from personal experience, I was developing whiplash tending to all the noisy devices.  I tired of that and figured out a few ways to cease the twitch.  I'll walk you through a few of my favorites.  

1. Do Not Disturb (DND): Settings>Do Not Disturb. This mode is available on both iOS and Android phones:    If you know there are certain times during the day when you can't answer your phone (work, soccer practice, class, sleep, etc), you can either manually set it to DND or you can schedule it and your phone will be silent during those hours each day.  No more interruptions during meetings.  No more whiplash from silencing your phone every 4 minutes.  If it's an emergency and someone calls repeatedly, that call will go through.  As will calls from people on your favorites' list.  

2. Turn Off Notifications:  Settings>Notifications.  Once you're in Notifications and see the list of apps, you can select each app and adjust its notifications.  Click the "Allow Notifications" toggle to switch them on or off.  If on, you can choose if you want sound or not, if you want a message on your lock screen, or if you just want a little red blip on the icon itself.  

3. Deleting Apps: Press your finger down on a app and hold it there until the app starts jiggling.  Then you can hit the x and delete that app and any others you're sick of.  Apps are like fast fashion tops from Forever 21.  They're cheap and we tire of them after a few weeks.  I'd recommend deleting any you haven't used in the last 2 months.  If you do need it again, Apple remembers that you bought it and it's easily downloadable again from the cloud.  For bonus points, clean up your apps by grouping them with like apps:  online shopping together, photo editing together, etc.. 

Extra super bonus points for deleting your Facebook and Twitter apps for a month.  Just to see what it's like. :)

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