Dryer Balls

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Where o where have these been my whole life?  

In a quest to get rid of chemicals in our house (daunting, but not impossible), I stumbled upon wool dryer balls.  

What are those? you ask....well, they are tennis ball sized spheres of wool.  You pop them in the drier and they kill the static without coating your clothes in a layer of chemicals and shorten the drying time, which saves money! Win win.  Also, at a price tag of $19 for something that lasts 1000 loads, they will save you about $30 versus the equivalent number of Bounce dryer sheets (at an average Amazon price of $.05/sheet).

I ended up getting the Smart Sheep XL ones on Amazon.  Made in Peru, packed by moms in Utah. I emailed the owner regarding whether or not they are manufactured in a socially responsible way.  No fun getting rid of chemicals if your dollars aren't helping someone stay out of poverty. I'm looking at you, non-Fair Trade products.  I'm waiting to hear back. If it turns out they aren't fair trade, I'll be looking for another brand to recommend.

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PS Check out Toxin Free Laundry.

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