Fighting Clutter with eBooks

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While I am a huge fan of library books in the traditional sense - go to library, check out books, save $20 vs. going on Amazon - they still bring the same amount of clutter into our homes as purchasing said books.  

The fix?  Borrowing eBooks! They are sent directly to your Kindle, Kindle app, or Nook.  If you live on the peninsula, you have access to the entire Peninsula Library System.  If you don't live here, well I'm assuming there is a similar program in any metropolitan area.  

So let's head to the Peninsula Library eBook page hosted by Overdrive.  If you don't live in the area, check Overdrive for libraries near you.

Are you there? 

Here's how to check out a book in 8 easy steps:

1. Sign in with your library card number (or an Overdrive or Facebook account).  

2. Search for the title you want.  

3. If it's available, click "borrow"; if it's already checked out, click "hold".  

4. The "borrow" button, once clicked, will say "read now".  Click that and it will allow you to read it on your computer through your browser.  

5. To download to an eReader, click on the "My Account" button at the top right.

6. Click "Loans" from the "My Account" dropdown menu. This will take you to your loans page. 

7. Click "Choose a Format" and then either Kindle, ePub or PDF eBook.

8. Clicking "Kindle" will take you automagically to Amazon and download it to your device.   

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