Favorite Organizing Items

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There are certain items I find myself recommending over and over again.  In fact, I love them so much I use them in my own home and have included the photos below:

Piece of Furniture:  

For just about any storage need out there, the Expedit series from IKEA will allow customizable storage solutions in a neat, easy to maintain fashion.



Storage Bin:

The most often recommended item in terms of storage are Sterilite’s Lapis Storage boxesfound at most Targets.  They are inexpensive and perfectly sized for a myriad of tasks from organizing pantries to under bed compartments.  The 16 quart size is useful for storing books as its size doesn’t allow it to get to heavy when full.   As a rule though, if a bin is going to be in plain site, not hidden in a closet, make sure it’s a solid color.  If you can see through it, it will always look messy.

Another favorite is Rubbermaid’s Clever Store line.  They have straight sides that allow you to use all of the space.  Target carries the green handled ones, but any from that line should be fine.



The best hangers out there are Bed Bath and Beyond’s Heavyweight Hangers.  They are $6.99 for 12 and the best thing you can do for your closet is give it matching hangers.  Think of how nice the clothes look in stores…that’s mostly due to the matching hangars.  Don’t forget your $5 off $15 or 20% off coupons for BB&B.  They  accept “expired” ones so don’t throw old ones out.

The best hangers for coat closets are the wood ones called BUMERANG (ha ha!)  from IKEA. At $3.99 for 8, they won’t break the bank, but will make your coat closet look like a million bucks.

Clients often ask about the slimline hangers that are generally covered in a felt-like material.  I find that while, yes, they do allow you to shove more in your closet, your clothes now cannot breath from being so squished and wind up wrinkled.



Closet Organizing Systems:

Honestly, the best thing you can do to organize your closet is pare down what you have in there.  So many people want to know what magical system from California Closets they should install,  but I personally feel those are just an expensive way to exacerbate the problem of having too much stuff.  They give you more drawers and shelves to pile things on, and if you already lean towards being disorganized, that is exactly what you don’t want.  A shelf and a hanging rod with a shoe rack for your shoes and some plastic bins on the shelf for miscellaneous items and off season clothing are really all you need.  If it doesn’t fit there, it doesn’t fit in your life.  If you have a walk in closet sized wardrobe, and only a 5′ wide sliding door closet, it’s time to have a stern conversation with yourself on how much of it you really need.  Sure you could squish more in, but our goal here is to simplify.