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...is where the horse is.  I couldn't figure out why I was so drawn to heading back to Lockeford every couple of weeks, when before, my life's mission was to flee from that place.  But when I pulled on my cowboy boots, turned on Kat Country 103.3 and headed towards the barn, it dawned on me.  My heart and soul will never be full and happy if there isn't a horse around.  Period.  I suppose this is one huge "well duh", but I guess I didn't realize what an impact not having Pony around was having on me.  Mom rode when she was pregnant with me.  Horses are in my DNA.  I need them like I need air...my big, goofy, lovey Patronus.

Because really, I'm his favorite scratching post...and sometimes it's the little things that matter most.

On my journey of simplicity and peace, this realization was a huge turning point.  Horses make my heart and soul sing.  Peeling off the layers of stuff in my home and leaving just the things that make me light up a bit and smile when I touch them....that makes my heart sing.  Going into someone else's home and helping them uncover what makes them peaceful and joyful....that makes my heart sing too.  

2018 Edit: I moved Pony to Woodside after going through a divorce. I can honestly say that was the best thing I’ve done in the past 10 years. I didn’t know how I’d make it work, but everything fell into place and there’s nothing like knowing my big, goofy guy is 15 minutes down the road.

And here’s the thing, I’d been pretending, in hindsight, to be this country gal for the past couple years. But let’s be honest, I’m far more prissy English rider with pinkies up than a country chick, so this is a great fit on all levels!


The coolest thing is that 25+ years ago, Papa took Mom and me to Woodside, and we had dinner at Buck’s. And Buck’s had hitching posts for the horses AND salads on the menu for them too. I wondered what heaven I had arrived in and hoped I could stay. Well, fast forward, I was able to RIDE THERE…WITH FRIENDS…AND ORDER CARROTS FOR MY HORSE. I can die happy.

What’s on your bucket list?

What makes your heart sing?

*Love, Kat.png

 PS The “why” of organizing. That’s where to start!