Let's Help Some People (FREE SESSION raffle)

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So, if you've been....awake, or swiped left to Apple News, you've probably noticed that from Barbuda being wiped out and Houston flooding, to the current pummeling Florida is receiving, our Southern friends aren't faring so well.

If you've read my blog, you know that my high school idol's husband is a widower now, with a LOT of medical bills left from Kelly's cancer treatment.  For some perspective, they were together for 21 years and he's only 39.  He spent more time with her than without her in his life and I would like to help ease this current part of his journey. 

A lot of people need our help, but I'm just one person.  I was hoping you'd want to go in on this with me. 

Here's the deal.  For every $10 you donate to the Mexico earthquake, or Harvey, Irma, Jose and Kelly Relief (because of course her letter was the next up...), I'll enter your name in a hat for a free session with me. Please do NOT send me money directly.  All of those links are for large, legit charities, or you can choose your own favorite to donate too.

If you're on the SF Peninsula or near Lodi, the winner will receive a 5 hour, in person session.  If you're anywhere else, it will be for 4 mentoring calls, one per week for a month.  While I charge around $400 for each of those experiences, I'd like to think they could be priceless when it comes to shifting the course of your life.  

If this is something you're interested in, please email me with a screenshot or just a "hey, I donated $10/$20/$whatever to (insert disaster here) relief".  I trust you.  

Hurricane Irma damage in St. Martin

Hurricane Irma damage in St. Martin

Kelly and Brad Clark 2017

Kelly and Brad Clark 2017


The last day to submit your donation emails to me is Thursday, Sept. 14th.  Thank you for your support!!


PS It's been a tough, but good summer.  How was your's?