Learn Something!

Don't just sit there, LEARN SOMETHING!

I know, Sunday is the wind down time...but what if, instead of starting the new week with a hangover, you're starting it with new knowledge?  I'm speaking to myself here, but if you can relate, follow along. 

So I sucked at college; 7 years anyone?  And no, I'm not a doctor.  Thanks, Mom, for suggesting I should be at this point.  That 1 month writing course? I'm going on 6 months.  The Copy Cure I signed up for a year ago, yeah, I just opened the first page.  That being said, I F()*#$*( love learning.  So if you're with me, raise that glass of zin and sign up for something that expands your mind.   Course Era and edX offer FREE classes...from places most of use couldn't dream of gaining admission to.  Lookin' at you, Stanford.  Harvard.  What. 

So while my goal is to finish my writing course, this year, maybe, I hope that you learn something new too.  Take that class on calculus, or quantum physics.  Impress yourself. 



*Love, Kat.png