Open Letter.

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January.   It's so close. That clean, simple blank slate.  Soon the holiday decorations will be put away, the  guest rooms vacant, and the last of the champagne fizzled away.  Promises of amazing things to come are floating on the horizon and this is truly my favorite time of the year.  I generally make my way through Your Best Year Yet and come up with all the goals and changes I want to make in the coming year.  

In that vein, you may have noticed some new offerings from The Simplified Life.  I've switched to 5 hour sessions , a slightly higher price point and prepaying for sessions.  I want to share the reasons with you.   

First, the 5 hour sessions.  The 2 and 3 hour sessions aren't as effective as they could be.  In surveying client needs, and other organizers'  success with longer sessions, this is the way to go.  We will spend more time organizing and less time pulling things out and putting them away - basically, I can do more work in less time for you.  Also, fewer days are required to achieve the same (or better!) results (which means you have to ask for less time off work!) .  

On a personal level, I have been feeling spread too thin and stressed out; basically the opposite of what I am teaching and preaching.  I am arriving at some clients' homes exhausted and unfocused and that's not fair to them.  In the past, my days have been about 9 or 10 hours long.  Working 5 actual organizing hours a day, rather than 6 and only driving to one client per day rather than 2 will allow me to better serve that client with fresh eyes and enthusiasm .

And finally, finances.  Ugh. The dreaded money talk.  It makes my skin crawl and I wish I could just go help you all for free and have my bills magically paid for.   This is half the reason for prepaying's taken care of and we don't have to have an awkward  "we had such a great time, got so much done, hey, so about that check"  conversation about it.  The other reason is that once you have skin in the game, you'll be more motivated to finish.  Trust me.  There are going to be times you don't want to organize any more than you want to compete in a triathlon, but knowing you're already committed will keep us moving forward towards finishing your space.

 As for prices, I have not raised them in any significant way since 2007 and hope that you can appreciate that the subtle raise in prices is due to increasing costs, not increasing greed.  As a business owner, I pay an extra 15% on top of my normal taxes due to self employment tax.  Healthcare,  sick and vacation days are on my own dime and since 2007, the cost of existing has gone up significantly.  This isn't a complaint, just an explanation as to why your local service providers, myself included, may seem to provide services at a steep rate.  This applies to organizers, hair dressers, massage therapists, personal trainers, etc.   

Please remember that this is a once in a lifetime investment in YOU and your well being.  No need for daily or monthly touchups once we whip your space in order.  I will teach you to keep it that way for good.  

The good news about hiring local and self-employed is that you are often supporting someone who is following their passion and using their skills to help others.  

If you would like a more detailed account of why longer, but fewer, sessions are beneficial, please shoot me an email.  Or you could just shoot me an email to say "hi".  I like those!

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PS Why should you hire a professional organizer?

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