More Than the Purchase Price.

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I just looked on the counter and saw that my well-meaning husband had brought home a huge box of Saltine crackers.  They were on my shopping list, so I was glad he bought them, but wow...that was a big box.  And we have a tiny kitchen.  

This reminded me of something I see happening in most people's homes: shopping without considering your storage space.  It feels great to stock up when a needed item is also on sale, but when you get home and realize the only place you can store it is on the kitchen counter, it becomes a problem.  

What else is it costing you by sitting on your counter?

  • Aggravation at having to look at it

  • Anger from having to move it each time you clean

  • Guilt from buying too much

  • Annoyance that it's been 10 months since you bought it and you still haven't used it

  • Money to house items you're not using - Bay Area real estate is valued at $1,000+ per square foot

  • Shame from throwing away food that expired - it could have helped feed the hungry

  • Pain from hurting your back moving around something you aren't even using

  • Time moving it to "clean up" when friends are coming over

Next time you're at the store, remember: the purchase price isn't the only cost.  

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