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It's been a hell of a month.  Lyme disease diagnosis.  Mold in our apartment.  Lots of health stuff to wade through.  

Since I've been off work while recuperating, I've had a lot of time to reflect.  At first I was feeling sorry for myself, but then it really started to hit me.  Sick or not, Lyme or not...I have the means to get better.

We. Are. So. Lucky.  

You know that, right?  Did you see Haiti?  Cause...whoa...  

There is a lot of scary stuff going on in the world. But we are HERE, in the United States.  Able to pursue our passions and health.  That's rare.  It may not seem like it when we have a steady diet of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Real Housewives of Wherever telling us we need a new purse/car/house/husband/life, but, we are RICH. Please recognize that.  And please help if you can.

The holiday season is coming.  What if we voted with our dollars and showed that there are more important things than getting the newest widget. Heifer International.  Charity Water. The Hope Effect. Samaritan House.  All great organizations that put our dollars to use making a lasting change in someone's life.

If you called me to work with me it's most likely because you have too much stuff.  What a problem to have.  I'm not discounting how utterly frustrating it can be to have too much.  It is. I've been there. I feel you. But in the scheme of things, we are so blessed, we have that excess stuff because we have excess money to buy it with and a home to put it in. So. Lucky. </rant>

Ok, sorry to go all deep on you.  Here's a picture of kittens:


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PS Are you doing it for the love?