Self Care or Urgent Care. Pick One.

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What do flying time, urgent care and simplicity have to do with each other?  Well, they've been the themes of my life the last few months.  I can't believe it's already October 1, and I haven't sent out an email to ya'll in 3 months.  Oopsie.  There was so much going on.  So that's time flying.  

Urgent care.  Well...I was dizzy, tingly, and sore.  I tried fighting it for a few days, but while out with Mom, she, there's an Urgent Care in the parking lot.  Let's go.  I fought for about 3 seconds and headed over.  Final diagnosis, I needed a higher power and lower stress.  Doctor's orders.  So...WTF.  I preach simplicity.   I constantly try to remove clutter from my life.  I tell you how to achieve it.  And I wind up in Urgent Care because my life isn't simple and stress free enough?  Crap.  Hypocrite much?  

So I thought about it...and this is what I came up with.  The Simplified Life started as a reminder to myself.  My own cry for help. While things are calm now, the past year(s) haven't been. Maybe it's like the old fridge that runs for 20 years.  You finally unplug it,  20 years catches up to it, and it never works again.  I slowed down and crashed.  I thought I was doing everything right...slowing down, seeing a therapist, taking an antidepressant, managing my work schedule, scaling back on commitments right and left.  And crashed.  Frustrating. And still no answers as to why I am exhausted all the time and have had a skin rash that won't go away.


As you continue on your journey towards simplicity, there will be setbacks.  You might remove 10 pieces of junk from your home, or 3 lunch commitments from your schedule, but more creeps in.  You might take a "mental health day" off from work, only to wind up catching a cold.  Life is weird.  Keep going.  Remove what doesn't matter to make room for what does.  My hope in sharing this with you, is that you know you've got me in your corner.  I've been there, through some of the messiest stuff life can throw at a person. Keep going.  There is so much joy and beauty to be had in the simplest of pleasures. Pause. Breathe. Watch the rain fall.  

In that vein, I'm taking a 3 week sabbatical.  I'll be off the grid through October 25th in an effort to reconnect with family, myself, and nature.   It's only when we care for ourselves that we can continue to care for others.  Choose self care so you don't wind up in urgent care.

I would love to work on your simplicity projects with you when I get back, but in the meantime, I hope you have a chance to relax and breathe in the coming weeks.  

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PS Self care still isn’t selfish.

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