Summer Lovin'

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Why do I subject myself to all the decluttering, organizing and simplifying? 

Why, I'm glad you asked.  

To make room for what I LOVE.  💖  💛  💜

This was a hell of a summer, but amidst the tough times and hard things, there were moments of joy, love and even, dare I say, the divine. I am so grateful for all the simplifying because it means I was able to be present for some of the beauty in the midst of hard times, rather than wondering where the hell my passport was or what I was going to pack.  It even made the hard times themselves easier, because I just had to deal with those situations, rather than them PLUS an added layer of stress because my surroundings and life were in chaos. 

So rather than tell you "10 Things to Throw Out Now", I'm going to ask you to join me on Facebook or Instagram and post a picture of something you absolutely, 100%-ly, freakin' LOVED about this summer, in honor of this goal.  Use the hashtag #thesimplifiedlife and I might just send something to my favorite. 


To start off the summer, Mom and I shared an epic adventure down to San Felipe, Baja California.  We met LiLi at Victor's RV Park and she was a true angel.


Speaking of angels. 

san felipe baja.JPG

Between the white dove and the traveling tortilla salesman/pastor, it felt like we were somewhere close to heaven. Also, you have never tasted flour tortillas so good.  So. Good. 


Even Mr. Bear had a good time.  You can follow his adventures on Instagram.  

Mr. Bear in San Felipe

As the sun rose on our last morning in San Felipe, we hit the road...

San Felipe Sunrise.JPG

...and wound up home in time for sundown.

Sunset Burlingame

Not be outdone by balmy San Felipe, Pacifica boasted a real-live, WARM day at the beach!  Like...It was summer and we didn't have to wear jackets to the beach.  #marinelayer


Of course, no day at the beach is complete without a little love and a floppy hat. 

John and Kat.JPG

In the midst we managed to have a wonderful birthday dinner with these two characters.  I can only hope your inlaws are as wonderful as mine.  


There was also the consumption of copious amounts of home grown tomatoes.

our garden

And spirit-animal therapy.


Plus some fun times in Tahoe with these goofballs.


And my first hike in a year (yay! feeling a bit better!)


Yep!  On a mountain top overlooking Tahoe.  #happyplace


Then on to Seattle, due to said hard times....but as always, there were beautiful, delicious things to soften the blow.  Blackberries along my back fence is now a must have thanks to a friend's influence.  

seattle blackberries

As are dahlias.  Always.  

Seattle Dahlias.JPG

With my feet barely back on the ground from Seattle, it was time to head up to Lake Shasta for our friend's 40th Birthday Houseboat Extravaganza.  And wakeboarding.  For the first time in 20 years.  Oh man, it hurt so good.  Next up, gotta try wake surfing.  All the cool kids are doing it. 

Wakeboarding Shasta

Some sliding fun...

Lake Shasta Side

And a killer hat...

Kaptain Kat

Nope....totally not excited from all the wake boarding action. 

Kat at Shasta

We made it home safe, and after all that, it was time to wind down with a bit of eclipse watching.  

Eclipse Watching

Then off to Alcatraz.  A behind the scenes tour thanks to JT's friend/Disney Character turned out to be killer.  

scovey alcatraz

Ha. Well, there was enough death. I get to embrace it a bit right? 

Alcatraz Morgue

Then it was time to touch the tip. Of the lighthouse.  #pleasedontfall #notafraidofheightsthankgod


And faster than it seemed possible, it was time to captain the ship back to San Francisco.  

Ferry Boat

Well, the travels are over, and it felt good to relax with a croissant and an espresso.  

dianda's Italian Bakery

And cap it all off with a bit of welding. #favoritethings

Welding Fun

Still here?  Bless your heart.

Of course, pictures don't tell the whole truth and these aren't here to make anyone jealous.  Not sure who'd be jealous of welding in 88 degree weather while wearing a heavy jacket anyway, but that being said, in a strong desire for authenticity, I feel I have to share what's not pictured for the months of July and August.  Not for you to feel sorry for me, but because life is up and down, and I think we do a disservice to everyone, including ourselves, when we just focus on the good OR on the bad.  The most powerful words I've read this month have also been the most heartbreakingly real. So in no particular order, here's the rough stuff:

  • Tears

  • Crippling back pain

  • Bloating

  • Antibiotics

  • Doctors appointments

  • Sheer joy at not being bloated and wearing a swimsuit without being asked when I'm due

  • More tears

  • Exhaustion because well made self-care plans sometimes go to hell

  • Stress

  • Soul-rending sadness

  • Frustration with hospital bills and insurance that can't figure out how to bill correctly

  • A few fights with JT because I was exhausted and cranky

So...if you want to join me, post something you love using #thesimplifiedlife and consider captioning it with something that was tough this month.  Life is good and bad, yin and yang.  Just keep showing up.  Find the joy where you can. And share the good and the bad with friends.  The good is doubled and the bad is halved.  

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