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We’ve talked about toxin free laundry, bathing and moisturizing, so let’s move on to the stuff we smear on our faces.  I”m talking makeup, baby.  

I’ve always loved makeup.  Maybe that’s anti-feminist, but I love it’s transformative powers.  You can be anyone you want with a swipe of lipstick and a good mascara.  The thing is, most of us seem to pile on a lot….

A simple way to see how your makeup stacks up is to go to the EWG’s Skin Deep Database.  You can plug all of your makeup products into it and get their scores.  Many foundations scored ok if they were just foundations.  But, when you add in SPF, the scores go up into the danger zone.  

Remember our good friend Oxybenzone?  Main ingredient in many sunscreens. .  

So let’s talk about alternatives.  The two product changes that can make a big difference are foundation and lipstick.  Amount-wise, we use the most foundation and smear it on our biggest organ.  Between our skin absorbing what we put on it and ingesting a good portion of what we put on our lips, that can add up to a lot of chemicals getting into our bodies. 

If you’re going to use a foundation with SPF, look for ones that use titanium dioxide or zinc instead of oxybenzone (a known endocrine disrupter, allergen, and carcinogen). 

If you’re going to use lipstick, let’s get away from petroleum based products and go with natural plant oil and beeswax based products, so we can mitigate a lot of the damage. Look for ones free of Retinyl Palmitate, an ingredient in a lot of lipsticks that the FDA calls a known human reproductive toxicant.  I do wear lipsticks on special occasions, like today!, but for daily use, I use Waxelene as it helps keep my lips moist, is beeswax based and petroleum free.  

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