Welcome to the simplified life.

We are excited to work with you and help you on your journey to organization and simplicity.

Your session will begin at 10am and end at 3pm.  While we don't take breaks for lunch, we encourage you to keep snacks on hand to keep your blood sugar up!

How to prepare and what to expect at your first appointment:

  1. While tempting, please do not clean up before your appointment. We need to see how your space in all it's....glory...to be able to make the best recommendations on how to fix it.

  2. Most people want to know what to buy before the session to make it easier to organize, but we believe that, apart from a few bins, you probably have everything you need.  The less you have, the fewer containers you need to organize it.  Your home's existing shelves and closets are most likely adequate.  

  3. The first 10 – 20 minutes of your appointment will be spent looking at the problem area, discussing how long it's been that way and deciding on our next steps. From there we can either go space by space and write up an action plan, or jump right in and start decluttering and organizing.  

  4. We generally require your presence for the entire session as we are here to teach you how to maintain the organization, not just clean. We also need your input regarding which items are trash and which items are treasures. We are willing to do some some small jobs without your presence and can discuss those on a case by case basis.

  5. Please have bags available to gather recycling and waste.

  6. We do not throw anything away without your permission.

  7. We do not require you to donate, recycle or throw away anything, but bear in mind, the less you have, the easier it is to maintain an organized space.

  8. The first session is also a “get to know you” time. If for any reason you feel we are not clicking, but you would like another session, please request a different organizer. It's a deeply personal relationship and no offense will be taken.

  9. Have fun! No really. You are taking the first step towards taking control of your space and your life. Enjoy it.

  10. Treat yourself well following the session. You may feel exhausted and cranky. That's normal, you just did a lot of work. Grab a glass of wine and take a bubble bath, watch football or whatever you need to do to unwind!