What does that even mean?

For myself and my clients it's been the act of moving through grief and trauma, and emerging on the other side with an unshakeable peace and purpose. 

I've been the "healer's healer", helping many that have been on the healing path and helping others for years. 

Traditional therapy, hypnosis, yoga, and other practices have their place, but sometimes we need someone to truly see where we are stuck.

Through my intuition and working with my guides, I "see" the blocks still present, and help you release them. 

Single session - 50 minutes $77

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One month - 2 sessions

Once you pay, you'll be taken to the scheduling page

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What a healing session looks like:


This will be a little different for everyone as I use an intuitive approach to see what *you* need. 

We will use everything from movement, grounding, drawing, and tarot to chakra clearing and speaking with ancestors and guides. 

The common denominator is that everyone leaves feeling empowered and lighter. 

I can't wait to work with you! 

Book a single 50-minute session OR a 1-month package with daily Voxer Support to ask questions, vent, and be supported in a safe space.

If funds are limited for the single sessions, please pay what you can. This is an energy exchange.

Sliding scale $7 to $77

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