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Jessica Sorensen of Organize with Jessica - San Francisco and the North Bay

I’m Jessica of Fulfilled and Abundant. Home organization and money coaching have always been passions.  

When you move a lot and are a big traveler, but love the possessions you have accumulated along this life journey, it becomes an exciting challenge to make it all work.  I am excited to discover what treasures you have in your home that we can re-purpose, or use to just make life easier.   Goodbye pile of "I don't know where to put this!" 

As we move through the physical “stuff” we can also work in tandem with my core process of money coaching to discover your limiting beliefs around money, and how they impact your feelings of abundance, which directly relates to how you deal with the physical stuff in your life.

NOTE - 5 hour home organizing sessions are only available starting at the 10am time on days when 10/12/2pm are all available. Please book all 3 time slots.