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"Kat is an amazing organizer!  She is quick, smart, and lots of common sense!!  She organized my VERY unorganized basement in 2 hours and that with just calling for me once, that is just amazing!!  She knows her her job very well and I will use her again.  She really help me  clear my clutter and now I feel better!!  Thank you Kat:)"

Sumati P. - Burlingame, CA


"Kat is great- she was a wonderful sounding board for our downsizing. "

Ana J. - Redwood City, CA


Kat has this amazing, bubbly, friendly personality. She aims to please, and is huge on customer service. She's down to earth! Kat knows life transition personally, so she easily relates to her clients who need help getting organized after life shuffles them around. It's like working with a friend who can help guide you through your own mess and turn the chaos into freedom. HIGHLY recommend!

Kiera R. - Walnut Creek


Kat is fantastic.  She came into our home office and sat down with my husband and watched the way he worked.  Asked him lots of questions and then they got to work.  When I came home later that day he was so happy.  His office was more organized and functional.  Kat gave him tips and tricks to keep it organized.  He enjoyed the experience so much working with Kat that I called her too.  She helped me in my closet, and many other small crowded spaces.  My husband has even hired her to help us clean out the basement and storage areas.  WOOHOO!  Kat is the best.  And as everyone has said, she places no judgement.  Just comes in and helps you get the job done.

Tina M. - Oakland

I am thankful for the understanding the stuff does not define us, it is us who place value in it. Kat came into my life, and left her 'foot print.' As many of you know we are family of four in a 650 sq home. 

By the end of the first hour I said to her "where have you been all my life?!" She simple replied, 7 miles north :) I booked for an additional 3 hour session afterwards. 

Kat not only organized our apartment and gave us space, more importantly she put our tangible home life back on track.  Can you think back to a time when you were thankful you called a professional, and wished you didn't wait so long?  

She left me with this:

"spend only what you have, buy only what you need, keep only what brings you joy and leave only a small "footprint."

C.J. - South San Francisco


"You will want a lot more than the 2 hour block!"

Linda W. - CA


"This review has been a long time coming.  I can't tell you how wonderful Kat is, as a person and a professional organizer.  I've requested her help at least 3 separate times.  She helped me organize my garage so I could park my car in there - and I still can!  She helped me organize my linen closet to where I smile every time I see it.  She helped me organize my full wall bookshelf.  

The great thing is that once she helps you organize an area, it stays organized - it's a miracle I could not achieve on my own.  Kat really listens to what you say (and even reads between the lines of what you might not be saying) to help you organize your home the way that it works for you.  

I learned from her that one doesn't need to buy fancy and expensive organization "stuff" to be organized.  She really worked with what I had - granted, my husband and I had put up shelving and purchased plastic bins previously. Still, having those items is not what helped us be organized - it was Kat's expertise and skill!

It is amazing how much one can done when Kat is helping.  Areas that I looked at for months (years) and could not bring myself to organize, get organized and beautiful in a matter of hours, sometimes just minutes.  Plus, she is a real pleasure to be around.  She exudes positive energy and joy.  She is the person I go to and recommend to everyone for professional organizing services.

Please do yourself a favor and call Kat if you've been meaning to get organized.  It is money well spent.  Not to be too cheeky, but it will change your life."

HW R. - South San Francisco


"To say that the time she spent helping with organizing a very messy, disorganized space was helpful would be a huge understatement. She is a joy to spend time with and manages to turn a dreary task into an empowering activity. Those of you who dread having company over, you only need to hire Kat and you will fear no more. 

I am looking forward to spending more time with you, Kat. Thank you - seriously. You are a superstar."

Laura P. - San Francisco, CA


"I really enjoyed working with Kat.  I found her through a LivingSocial deal and I liked her ideas & work ethic so much that I hired her on the spot for additional hours.  Seriously, she and I organized my pantry in about 7-10 minutes.  I never thought that was possible.)  Well, we finished the follow-up work yesterday (well, one of the projects... sigh).  No judgment, and she has an amazing ability to take one look at something, and know how it should be organized.  I'm definitely using her again when we tackle the garage...ugh.  

Yesterday we cleared out about 15 boxes of stuff in 3 hours... stuff that had been sitting in a corner of a room for, oh, 1.5 years.  Yup.  And let's be honest - I wouldn't have unpacked them for another 1.5 years unless I had someone to "babysit" me through it, because by the time I get around to it, I'm flippin' tired and I want to spend my vacation days...not cleaning my house.  Now I'm down to sorting the remaining 10% of that 15+ box pileup, and it's completely manageable. 

Hire Kat.  She's awesome."

Doreen H. - Burlingame, CA


 "I was first smitten by her very cool website and then even more impressed upon meeting her. She did a very helpful overview of my house, and I was left with a clear plan of to do's. It's exactly what I needed to jump start my house and turn it into the house I want.

I can't wait to check off my list and have Kat come back again. She has a vision that I love and she is so easy to relate to... she gets how life is busy so why not make our lives easier with a more functioning place to live. Love that! 

I highly recommend!"

Lou Y. - San Mateo, CA


"Kat came to my home yesterday to help me start cleaning out my garage.  I was previously able to get my car in but once it was in I could barely open the door to get out.  She got me on my way to having a clean garage and then we will be moving on to closets and office organization.  Kat is so personable that it was a delight to work with her.  She is fast and efficient and sees things in a very organized manner.   She is very easy to work with.  I felt like I had a friend here helping me out.  When I didn't know what to do with something she would give me a gentle (push) suggestion.  It was so helpful and we accomplished a lot.  Before Kat left she was able to give me ways to continue working on things until we meet again.  I was overwhelmed with the amount I had to do but she was able to break it down into small tasks.  
Thank you so much Kat!"

Sandy M. - Burlingame, CA


"Kat is a master at helping you sort through old stuff and getting important stuff and keep sakes organized and neatly stored. I know it might sound silly, but it is incredibly helpful to have someone help you decide what you need/must keep and what you can probably get rid of and not miss. I mean, yeah if it has been in a box unused, untouched for more than 6 months odds are it is time to give it to Goodwill, and sometimes you need that motivation to get it done.

What I appreciated the most was the organizational skills and tips she instills in you throughout the process so that it's easier for you to maintain the nicely organized and clutter free home she left you with.

I highly recommend Kat and The Simplified Life; she's professional and nice, but direct and assertive when she needs to be!"

Amanda P. - Santa Monica, CA


Truthfully, for three years whenever I walked into my house, the last thing I wanted to see WAS the inside of my house!  I agonized over the  clutter, papers, junk, clothes and general chaos as I tried to clean it out; I longed for a saner life and ability to invite friends in again.

When I felt most defeated, I looked for help and was blessed to find The Simplified Life. Wow. In a few short visits huge progress has been made!  Kat saw our house, listened as we shared our goals, then helped us identify the kind of space we wanted to create and simply waded in. Within a few visits I had donated a huge pile, ~30 bags of clothes (my weakness) and lots of other stuff.  I thought I would feel empty after "losing" 30 years worth of clothes... but the opposite is true. I see that I have all I need and I'm not burdened with all the extras. There is much more to do in the house but I'm on my way with Kat's help.

Kat has uncanny brilliance about organization...sees my things and space with creative thoughtfulness.  Somehow she remembers what I want and helps me to see my vision as we work through things.  She is fast and very efficient, and she is always mindful of the speed at which I am able to go.   I feel encouraged and helped in making choices, and I'm having fun with the process!  Best of all, hope is being restored at every level, (including my marriage)... and I still have a lot to do, so more later.  :)

Hana L. - Mountain View, CA


"Well worth the time and $! In the span of 2 hours, Kat helped me to clean up my office, gave me tips for keeping it clean, and now I can be so much more productive without being surrounded by my mess. I feel so much better today, now that I have a neat office again!"

Harry C. - Mountain View, CA


My daughter had moved out of the house 8 years prior and all of her stuff was still kept in her bedroom.  I had been sleeping in there as it was larger than my room, but I was overwhelmed by the clutter and disorganization.  I called Kat and within 3 days I was living in a “new” apartment.  The bedroom was completely transformed into something suitable to my tastes, not those of a 18 year old.  The hardest part was picking up the phone to call, but thank heavens I did.”

Cathy J. – Lodi, CA


“I downsized from a 2 story home to a single story home in 1986.  Unfortunately, I kept everything.  Fast forward 22 years and I still had all the prior possessions as well as 20+ more years of accumulations.  I had pathways through my house and was overwhelmed.  I called Kat to help with my bedroom, bathroom and spare bedroom.  14 50 gallon trash bags of Goodwill donations and 10 of trash later, I could actually enjoy living in my house again.  Amazingly it only took 6 days to clear out 2 decades of accumulation.  I only wish I had called her sooner.”

Dorothy S. – Lockeford, CA


“Kat is definitely a champ.  I had an impassable corridor off the entry of my condo, and a closet filled 10ft high. She stood by me every step of the way.  We threw out tons of junk, old packaging/boxes, etc.  The storage space we created allowed me to put everything in my hallway away and out of sight.  The stress was minimal and the experience highly rewarding.  Even the cat appreciated her newly cleared high speed runway around the house.  Highly recommended!  Meow!!”

Garin K. – Los Angeles, CA.


Kat is awesome for home organization and decor. She helped me get rid of clutter in my drab ’70s condo and transform it with modern styling. She moved what I already had to better places, told me what to get rid of, and also made great suggestions of what to buy based on my taste and budget. Now when I’m thinking of making a new home purchase, I run all my ideas by Kat for approval!”

Elyse N. - Mountain View, CA


“I was reluctant to have Kat assist me on cleaning up my act, however when she arrived this feeling passed swiftly.  It felt as if an old friend was just hanging out as we dug through years of my ignorance and neglect. Kat was understanding as I stressed my terms and conditions and she dealt remarkably with my spastic pet.  She was quite thrifty with the cash I gave her for supplies and even got extra items to soften the atmosphere of the rooms.  As we cleaned, she gave tips on how to maintain my space, as well as cheap ways to do it.  She even threw in decorating tips as we were going.  When we reached the kitchen she totally destroyed my organization system and revamped it – which I am LOVING. Another thing that was an unknown fantastic advantage to having her there was her height.  This girl could reach anything.  We even found stuff left over from previous renters. At the end of the day she helped me donate 9 bags of miscellaneous items to Goodwill, got me recycling, and threw out about 13 bags of trash.  Coming home from work and not groaning is reason enough to call her.”

Kim C. - Lodi, CA