To uncomplicate.


To remove what's no longer needed.


I tend to overcomplicate everything, so I named my business The Simplified Life as a note to self.* 

So how do we simplify?

We start with your home.

I was a card-carrying Professional Home Organizer for many years, and while I hate calling myself one (it just doesn't cover ALL we do), it gets the point across. 

In this step of our journey, we declutter and pare down to just what you love and need.



A simple, relaxing home is a birthright, not a luxury.  I've made options available at multiple price points, from donation-based to a few dollars. I'm sick of the price gouging so nothing is over $499.

One-on-one Zoom Sessions: 

Book a Soul Session and we'll clear some of the energy and create an action plan for how to simplify the space.

Single session is 50 minutes

Month package is 4 25-minute sessions plus Voxer support.

Single Session: Pay Now $77

One month package + Voxer support: Pay Now $333

Digital Courses: 

From the basics of organizing to diving deeper into the emotions causing the clutter, we approach it from all angles. Check out the store for current offerings from $7.77 to $111

Live Group Courses:

2-week, 4-session small group courses to dive into your space and makeover a room. Get on the email list for announcements. $333

The Sanctuary:

Free Group Zoom call every Tuesday at 6 p.m. PST (also streamed in the Facebook Group). We are 95% more likely to accomplish something if we have an accountability partner. So let us be yours. Take us into the room you want to work on and we will all declutter together. Free, donations are appreciated.


Simply Sultry 


This PDF has easy guidance and short checklists to get your bedroom feeling sexy in a week for less than 10 minutes a day.


Send it! $7.77

Chaos to Calm


 A 3-day challenge to help you learn WHY clutter is so rampant (hint: it's not your fault), plus action steps to turn your chaos into calm.


Send it! $11.11

The Sanctuary: Course


This self-guided 8-week course gives you all the insights into creating a beautiful sanctuary in your home. 


More Info!

* OK fine, also an homage to The Simple Life with Paris Hilton