From PDFs to tame your bedroom in a week, to 3-day challenges and an 8-week course to rewire the entire way you deal with clutter, grab the one that calls to you. 

The Sanctuary: Course  

This self-guided 8-week course gives you all the insights into creating a beautiful sanctuary in your home. This is a perfect companion to our weekly The Sanctuary live streams in the Facebook group.



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 The Sanctuary 

Tuesdays at 6 p.m. PST. Bring the live stream to a space you want to declutter or simplify.  We will hang out for an hour, listen to music, and work on our projects together. 

Free in the Facebook group. Subscriber Bonuses: Decluttering and organizing checklists, special guest videos, and good karma.   

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Chaos to Calm

 A 3-day challenge to help you learn WHY clutter is so rampant (hint: it's not your fault), plus action steps to turn your chaos into calm.



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Deep Dive Decluttering 

A four-module course. Learn why you keep things, how to reframe those beliefs, and use that knowledge to aid in decluttering. 



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Soul Sessions

Using multiple modalities: channeling, intuition, working with guides and ancestors, drawing, somatic practices) we move stuck energy and get you unstuck in your home and life.


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Soul Sessions

1 Month Package

 2 50-min calls for energy healing 

1 month of Voxer support for check-ins via voice notes and text messages.


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Wellness Retreats  

The healing of a yoga/wellness retreat with none of the snobbery. The fun of an EDM festival without the hangover. 

If you're ready to add some more play to your life, this is for you. Landing 2024 👽 

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Simply Sultry 

This PDF has easy guidance and short checklists to get your bedroom feeling sexy in a week for less than 10 minutes a day.



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 Stardust Ranch Retreat: Lodi 

 Join us live, in Lodi, for a day retreat. 


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