Home organizing sucks.

Healing can be overwhelming. 

Most of us don't play.


The good news? Making the first two fun is my genius. 

Got you covered on the fun too! 

Let's do this! 


You're in the right place if:

You've tried home organizing, gone to therapy, read all the self-help books, know there HAS to be more to life...

And are still just feeling...stuck.



Workbooks, Classes & More

Workbooks, live courses, and online classes that work WITH your biology to create habits and keep the clutter gone for good.

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Soul Sessions

Energy healing sessions to come back to your essence, and release what's holding you back in your home, work, and life.

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Stardust Ranch Retreats

The healing of a yoga/wellness retreat without the snobbery. The fun of an EDM festival without the hangover. Landing 2024 👽

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Not sure where to start?

Join us every Tuesday at 6 pm PST for the Get Shit Done hour

The only way to declutter is to schedule it and (bonus) do it with friends. 

So you bring your questions and a project, I'll bring the music. Join us on Twitch (follow so you get reminders, it's free)

Keep the momentum going during the week and post your pics and questions in our Facebook Group: The Sanctuary

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Ready to have fun and move past the chaos, without becoming a Container Store ™ addict?

 I'm Kat and for over a decade as a professional home organizer, healer, and coach, I've been using all I've learned the hard way to help you simplify, heal, and play.

Hopefully with fewer tears, less time, and a lot less money spent on therapy. 🫠

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Chaos to Calm

 A 3-day challenge to help you learn WHY clutter is so rampant (hint: it's not your fault), plus action steps to turn your chaos into calm.

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Deep Dive Decluttering 

A four-module course. Learn why you keep things, how to reframe those beliefs, and use that knowledge to aid in decluttering. 

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Sanctuary: The Course

 This flagship, self-guided 8-week course gives you all the insights into creating a beautiful sanctuary in your home. 

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Jamie L., CA

If you’re looking to declutter in any part of your life this is for you! It was the best, most freeing feeling to start having my own space I enjoy!  

Amy W., TX

"My session with Kat was empowering, uplifting and I feel lighter with joy. Can't wait to have another session with her!"

 Alissa H., CA

"The energy of the group presence helped me keep the focus on changing my patterns...I've made a lot of positive progress!"

Kelly F., CA


"I can look back and see a tremendous difference in my home from a few months ago to now. What a difference!  It is so much quicker for me to clean up now."

 Liva RJ, France

"When Kat unearthed massive blocks quickly, in such a light, fun way, I was so pleased. The best part? The changes we initiated are taking place and unfolding right before my eyes."

Katie S., AK


"The drawing was a very cool exercise! I got a lot of clarity and it brought some things into my awareness that I had never quite put into words before. It surprised me. 💖⚡️"

Have fun and get unstuck, even if organizing isn't your thing. 


ESPECIALLY if organizing and simplifying aren't your thing. I get it. I was a hot mess for years, still am in plenty of ways, but I've learned how to create a beautiful, simplified space, heal my heart and bring fun and play back to my life. 

If I can do it, so can you. Let me help. 

Classes & Courses

Daily(ish) emails to inspire simplicity, healing, and play.