My inner voice was a bitch.

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Edit: My inner voice was a TOTAL FUCKING BITCH.

Like, if you talked to me the way I talked to myself, I’d block you from my life.

And that caused physical stuff to pile up around me.

Because it's never about the stuff, is it?

I've worked with 600+ people and only 2 of them didn't know how to organize or where to put stuff in their home. Like....their cabinets were empty and everything just lived on the counter. 🙃 That's not the case for most of us, I'm guessing.

So what's the stuff behind the stuff?

When I started my downsizing journey, it was about:

Not being good enough as a person.

"I shouldn't let any of this stuff go, because I might not have the money to buy it again if I need it. And I might need it next year so I should hang on it because I already spent the money. And what does that say about me if I just get rid of things? I'm a bad, wasteful person who doesn't deserve to have things, and who am I to even think I deserve things anyway because I'm not good enough and can't make enough money and everything I do/am is wrong.” Ad nauseum.

Obviously there was some stuff behind the stuff.

But I couldn't get to the mental stuff before I worked through some of the physical stuff. Maybe for others it's vice versa. My physical clutter and mess was an outward sign of my mental clutter and mess.

Once I'd downsized and the physical distraction of stuff was gone, there wasn't anything standing between me and my inner voice. That is some scary shit.

But you know what, I've spent the last 20 years working on it and am to a place where 97% of the time I know who I am, know my worth, love myself and enjoy the hell outta my life. I've almost come to welcome that 3% of "who the fuck do I think I am, *insert critical nasty voice here*" because it's been showing me areas to work on and limiting beliefs to move past.

Anyway, this all wanted to come spewing out on Facebook today, so I know someone out there needed to hear it.

Say it with me:

We aren't our stuff.
We are more powerful than our mental stuff.
We are worthy of a life we love.

I love you.

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The $2,500 Website

The $2,500 Website

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Fast forward 12 years later, I plunked down $2,500 for MY freakin’ .com domain name. 

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