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Twitch 101

Feb 23, 2024

I get it. Not another platform, Kat.

Hear me out. 

We host the get shit done hour(s) every Tuesday from 6-9 pm PST and it's been through a few iterations.

First, it was on Zoom, but that was boring, then I was tried to make it more inclusive so I streamed it to the Facebook group. FB was pissy about copyrighted music though and I didn't want to lose my account again.  

So why Twitch? Well, first off I used to be a DJ, and music on Twitch was the lifeline that got me through the toughest year of my life. Now that I've been convinced to come out of retirement and DJ, it was the logical choice. I bring the music, you bring the project. 

So here are the benefits of Twitch:

🪩 You can just copy and paste into your browser and watch. You don't need to log in though you will see a few ads

🪩 You can lurk and work, no need to be on camera like Zoom. I know a lot of us don't want our projects out on the interwebs.

🪩 If you don't want to hear the ads right when you start watching, you can subscribe (for free using your Amazon Prime account if you link it) and then you also get access to cute lil emotes (I'll explain the glossary below)

🪩 Becoming friends over the past couple years with friends in chat on Twitch channels has brought some amazing humans into my life and I want you to experience that. It takes a village. 

Twitch can feel like a whole new world, so let's go over some terms. 

Your screen will look like this under the video of me DJing:

Click Follow to follow the channel and then you will have access to chat. 

Chat: box. You can @username people to say hi to them! You can use cute emotes to let me know I'm doing a good job! lol And really, just create community. Everyone's here for the same listen to music and get shit done. If you have a simplifying question, you can even drop it in the chat and I'll answer it.

Emotes: Those cute lil dancy things in chat. You get some to use as a follower, and even more as a subscriber!

Subscriber (Sub): You can subscribe and support this channel. There are 3 tiers and I get half of the subscription price (Besos gets his cut lol). The higher tiers unlock more emotes among other perks. You'll also get a cute lil' disco ball next to your name! 

Prime Sub: You can use your free Prime Gaming subscription if you link your Amazon Prime account! 

Once you've linked it, it will show you something like this when you click on "subscribe"

Hype Train: When y'all get hype and REALLY want to spread the love by gifting subscriptions and cheering with bits

Bits: Little cheers you purchase and send in chat to support the channel - click the to the right of where you type in the chatbox and bits will pop up to buy.

Pro tip: Bits are WAY cheaper on your laptop than on the phone app.

Whisper: You can private message other users. Play nice. This isn't Tinder.

Commands: There are lots of commands you can use in chat like

!commands - for a full list
!hug - type !hug @teknokat222 and it will send me a hug, or @ anyone else's screen name

Channel Points: the little bubble below your username in the chat box - if you click on it you'll see things you can redeem your points for.

If I click on the 75.9k, it will allow me to redeem points in one of the channels I follow. 

Raid: When the streamer is done, they usually raid into another live channel. This introduces you to new streams and keeps the party going.


The goal is to make Get Shit Done hour accessible to more people, so please let me know if you have any questions!  A shorter version of this can also be seen on my "about" page on Twitch

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