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Get Shit Done Hour

Feb 23, 2024

You keep hearing me email and post about the "Get Shit Done Hour".

Short Version:

Music is uplifting on a vibrational level AND we are 95% more likely to accomplish something if we SCHEDULE IT and have an accountability partner. 

So...I bring the music, you bring the project.

See you Tuesdays at 6 pm PST on Twitch

I'll be streaming more in the coming year, so make sure you follow and get notifications if you want 



Employing a version of this in my own life over the past year has allowed me to finish and FINALLY get my book to a publisher, redo my entire website, create and launch healing retreats, create my own Twitch channel, and start DJing again. 

The power of music and community can NOT be understated. 


How it works:

Every Tuesday at 6 pm PST, I'll be streaming music on Twitch. I'll probably start earlier next month for all my east coasters...maybe even stream for a few hours.

You just bring your phone with the Twitch app installed or a browser open to my page into the room and play it while you're decluttering, etc. You stream me just like you stream music. :) 

If you're overwhelmed, commit to working for just 5 minutes. No need to stay the entire time. The point is to show your nervous system that it's safe to make a change and work on the project. 

No need to go from couch potato to running a marathon right? Just baby steps. 

For best results, make friends in chat!

You can keep the support and conversations going in The Sanctuary FB group. Everyone posts their projects and wins and cheers each other on in there! 

If you need a little more support, I offer The Sanctuary Course to help you get to the root of the clutter and banish it for good. Hint: It's never about the "stuff".

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