L O D I! 



This is for you if:

You're craving community.

Are feeling a little anxious or fragile and want to lean into self-care in a new way. 

Are ready to have fun doing it. 


We need to heal... 

 ...but let's have some fun with it! 

Our goal is to make some of the more "woo woo" healing modalities fun and accessible. 


Our Itinerary:



Gentle yoga flow to get us back into our bodies 

Light Lunch

Salad, fruit and tea to stay nourished without feeling bogged down

Let It Go

Several exercise for releasing what's been holding you back


Better than a 3-hour massage, the beautiful, healing notes will guide you into a relaxed state 

Dance & Breakout Sessions

We'll play music, light it up with some LED poi balls (and lots of giggles).

During this time, there will be private 5-minute sessions with - Eulogy to former selves  (Kayla)

- Tarot reading (Shelley)

- The One Thing integration (Austin)

- More tbd

Grab your ticket today! Spots are very limited.

We have overnight accommodations for an additional cost if you're coming from out of town. 

Regular Price: $144

Early Bird Price: $122



Grab Your Ticket!


The inspiration behind Stardust Ranch Retreats: Read More

Your Healers 

Kat Tischler

As a home organizer and coach for over a decade, I've honed my skills using my intuitive gifts to help you simplify your life while clearing any energetic blocks holding you back.  

I look forward to helping you clear blocks and discover what your soul wants to say to you. 

When I'm not reading energy, you can find me helping clients simplify their homes and lives. 

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Monica Martinez

As a Sound healer and a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), my practice has been pivotal in my continuous healing journey, igniting a passion within me to assist and share this transformative experience with as many individuals as possible.

Embracing mindfulness and a free-spirited approach, I take great joy in guiding others on their healing journey and seamlessly integrating self-awareness into their daily lives.

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Jaime McFaden

Self-Care Specialist, podcast host and author. Jaime is your accountability "bestie" who will help you curate your own self-care village.

She is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs feel empowered and make themselves a priority through optimal living using her WAVE system.

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Austin McLeod

Austin McLeod, founder of The Meta Paddock, brings a unique blend of spirituality and scientific acumen to his work. With a rich background as a patent examiner, patent agent, and scientist in FDA-regulated fields, as well as experience in automotive racing parts, Austin expertly integrates these diverse skills to help individuals and businesses achieve holistic growth.

His approach focuses on reconnecting clients with their bodies and businesses through mindful integration, blending spiritual practices with practical, results-driven strategies.

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Shelley McLeod

Shelley McLeod, a former RN turned Psychedelic-Informed Life Coach and co-founder of 'The Couples Take On' with Austin McLeod, uniquely combines her experience in the medical system and personal life-changing challenges, including addiction and obesity, to guide others. Her diverse background in 'dot coms,' nursing, and studio art equips her with a multifaceted perspective on personal and professional development.

Shelley specializes in helping individuals do the deep inner work necessary to find balance and purpose after transformative experiences.

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I am passionate about helping others overcome the challenges keeping them stuck ‚Äď perhaps playing small, struggling with self-doubt, or hiding in perfectionism ‚Äď and I love to help them develop the mindset and sales skillset to claim and create a life and a business that they love!

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Established in 2019, we are a lifestyle boutique located in the heart of Downtown Lodi, CA, offering a curated selection of the highest quality crystals, jewelry, permanent jewelry and so much more!

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